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Connecting your present with your future
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Is your path forward uncertain?

How do you find a more certain path to your future?

No matter at what point we are in our life’s journey, we all have a vision of how we would like our future to look. But that vision can be obscured if we can’t see a path forward. Daily life has gotten incredibly complex and increasingly we find ourselves having to make more decisions in shorter amounts of time and often with too little information. The irony is that we live in the age of rampant information. But who has time to research every decision? In the long run, these decisions often made with short-term reasoning can have long-term unintended consequences.

We often don’t take into consideration how our actions in the present can impact our future. We are constantly being inundated with over-hyped messages and images of what our lives are supposed to look like, making it seem that a path to a good life should be obvious and well lit. But is it? The truth of the matter is that most of the messages are focused on consumerism. They are designed to separate us from our money, time, and focus which can rob us of much needed resources for our future. These messages have little to do with what makes us feel whole and fulfilled, and generally leave us depleted of our most valuable resources.

The first thing to realize is that your path is specific to you. You will likely not succeed in finding your personal path if you try to follow a prescribed path or copy what someone else is doing. Not having a deep connection with the goals you are trying to accomplish can make it difficult to follow through. Your personal path is the one that keeps calling to you, but you ignore it because you can’t see a path forward due to obstacles you see in your way.


You can’t predict the future, so you have to accept uncertainty to some extent; but greater certainty comes from having answers to your most pressing concerns. Sometimes it is hard to see the forest for the trees, but by taking a broad view of where you are and where you want to go, you can plot a path forward connecting your present to your future.

Your personal path to a more certain future starts here.

Welcome to "A More Certain Path"! We welcome the opportunity to help you find a brighter path to your future. Sometimes you just need a point in the right direction. Other times you may need more assistance to identify your path forward. We thrive on helping people discover who they can be and help them plot a path to achieve that vision.

A More Certain Path is an advice-only registered investment adviser and financial planning firm. We offer goal planning and strategizing services that help people make the most of their resources, identify opportunities, and resolve challenges. We help them establish SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals that clear obstacles from their path to well-being. While financial planning serves as a foundation for our services, we believe true abundance comes from living a life of freedom, and that money is just one tool in your bag. We help you identify all your resources and deploy them in a manner that best serves your individual goals, values, and purpose. We also help you design a strategy to keep you moving forward on your path when things don't go according to plan.


Get on a more certain path today and walk with confidence into your future.

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Get on
A More Certain Path

Schedule your FREE consultation
(by video or phone conference)

You shouldn’t have to leave the convenience
of where you are to get the guidance you need.

The cost of the advice you need shouldn't be based on
how much you make or how much you own.


- by video or phone conference

- by the hour or fixed fee

- one-time or on-going guidance

Strategy Sessions


(payable in advance of session - Why?)

Let's figure out together:

  • What your more certain path looks like

  • Your objectives and challenges

  • What your resources and opportunities are for achieving your objectives and overcoming your challenges

  • How you can better manage your resources

  • How you can earn more income and/or reduce your expenses

  • How you can direct your resources to optimize their benefits

  • What financial independence looks like to you

  • What you want out of being financially independent

Planning &
Analysis Services

$800 - $10,000*

(depending on the scope and complexity of the plan)

Let's ascertain:

  • The health of your current financial position

  • An effective debt utilization strategy and pay off schedule

  • An effective strategy for funding and achieving your goals

  • What potential risks you face and a strategy to manage them

  • How much you need to save to become securely financially independent

  • What standard of living your assets can support

  • Which goal scenario has the best probability for success

  • How you can pass down assets to your next generation

*Plans are payable in 11 monthly installments

with a 50% deposit ($500 minimum)

Sole Practitioner &
Career Consulting

$250 - $500/hour

(50% deposit, 2 hour minimum)

Let's work on your:

Business ($500/hour):

  • Business startup plan

  • Cash flow management

  • Time management

  • Profit and loss projections

  • Business owner retirement
    savings solutions

  • Business succession plan

  • Business operations effectiveness and efficiency

  • Risk management protocols

  • Small business tax planning

Career ($250/hour):

  • Job offer assessment

  • Employment search

  • Salary/advancement negotiation

  • Skills assessment

  • Work portfolio

  • Resources for skills building

  • Employer/employee relations

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