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Katrina J. Kourkoutis,

Katrina J Kourkoutis Advice-Only Financial Advisor

Hi, I am Katrina Kourkoutis, founder and sole practitioner of A More Certain Path. I have been working in the financial services industry for over 23 years, but it wasn’t until I discovered financial planning, about a decade in, that my life started to take a turn for the better. Up to that point, all I knew was how investments were used to grow your net worth. That was good information for when I would be earning enough income to have some left over to invest, but it wasn’t very helpful with how to get there.

The concepts I learned from studying financial planning helped me change my relationship with money and take control of my finances. It helped me realize that while I couldn’t always control the amount of my income, there were ways to optimize its utilization. It helped me to understand the importance of prioritizing what I wanted out of my income, to be more discerning with my purchases, and always consider my future when making choices.


Of course, income optimization can only take one so far. I decided once and for all to complete my education, which I had been dragging out for years, thinking I was in an industry where you could get ahead without a formal degree; others were. My education had always been my escape, not a means to an end. I love to learn and enjoy challenging my limits. I enjoyed taking courses and school was giving me the intellectual challenge work was not providing. But I am so glad I finally got focused and obtained degrees in finance, economics, and business.

I came to realize that my personal finances were essentially a business, and I needed to behave like one if I wanted to get ahead. Once I started applying business principles to my own finances and to my life, my path to well-being became much clearer. During the pandemic my financial planning gave me enough breathing room to sit back and assess the path I was on, like many people, and try to figure out a more certain way forward. It helped me realize that life is too short to limit myself by the constraints of other people’s thinking.

​I am so excited to be at this point on my journey. My dream job didn't seem to exist, so I had to create it! AMCP is the intersection of my many interests — problem solving, discovering new solutions, calculating, researching, learning, and helping and motivating others to help themselves. It is the culmination of many years of hard work, focusing on achieving well-being and living life on my own terms. I hope you will join me on my journey to living freely and abundantly.

When I am not helping clients find their more certain path, I like to spend time on activities that bring value to my life and allow me to fulfill my purpose to live freely and joyfully. I am a bit of a technofile, so I spend a lot of time online researching topics of interest, learning new skills, and discovering new information that can enhance my life. I'm proud of the skills I've learned that have allowed me to minimize what I outsource to others and allocate resources to activities that provide a better return on my investment.


I like to balance out my tech habits by spending time in the kitchen challenging myself to try a new bread recipe or complicated pastry (likely found online). I can make a mean Italian bread loaf, but you won’t find me opening a bakery any time soon. I enjoy the challenge, and eating the failures and sharing the successes with friends and family are perks of the process. And because of those perks, I do my best to get regular exercise taking walks with my husband where we enjoy the outdoors and wildlife of Southern Louisiana.

I welcome an opportunity to talk to you about what your free and abundant life looks like and help you get on a more certain path to that vision.

Certified Financial Planner
Accredited Financial Counselor

Let's Find Your More Certain Path Together

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