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Privacy Notice

At A More Certain Path ("AMCP"), we respect the privacy of all our current, prospective, and former clients. It is important to us that Clients know that we are aware of the sensitivity of the information they share with us and that we are committed to protecting that information. During the course of doing business, clients entrust us with information that is classified as Non-Public Information (NPI). This is information that is not publicly available and could be used to harm its owner if used nefariously.

Below is our policy concerning what information we collect and how we protect that information.

We collect personal information about our clients from the following sources:

  • Information clients share with us in writing or verbally for the purposes of engaging our services.

  • Information clients share with us in the form of questionnaires, statements, policies, and other documents we use to provide our services.

  • Information we may receive from third parties at the direction of a client for the purpose of providing our services.

We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our clients to anyone, except in the following circumstances:

  • When sharing information with authorized parties for the purpose of providing services our clients have requested.

  • When our clients have specifically authorized and instructed us to do so in writing.

  • When required by law.


Within our company, we authorize restricted access to clients’ personal information to only the officers, employees, and/or agents who need to know that information for the purposes of providing services to our clients. To ensure security and confidentiality, we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect our clients’ privacy.

We require all officers, employees, and agents to acknowledge in writing that they understand everything handled by this firm is considered private and confidential, and to commit to prudently following all security protocols to protect our clients’ privacy. Nothing about our clients should be discussed outside our offices with family, friends, or other clients, or within the office with non-authorized parties. Employees, officers, or agents should only share information with other authorized parties to the extent that is required to provide services to a client. This also means never discussing a client’s situation with someone that may request information about a client unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by the client. This includes giving information to a husband on his wife’s IRA account, to a son or daughter about their mom and dad’s accounts, etc. References to “agents” refer to authorized “independent contractors” hired by our company to complete work for our clients. All officers, employees, and agents are required to re-affirm their commitment to protecting clients’ information annually.

At this time, the only service provider to whom AMCP may grant restricted access to client records is an emergency designee for the purpose of contacting clients if Katrina Kourkoutis were temporarily or permanently unable to continue her role in the business. The emergency designee will have access to client appointments scheduled on AMCP’s calendar, a record of payments received/due for services that may or may not have been fully completed and delivered, and client contact list for the purposes of notifying clients of a disruption of service. Since AMCP generally works from copies of documents provided by the client and the client receives copies of all reports and recommendations prepared for them, AMCP has no reason at this time to provide access to NPI beyond clients’ contact information or payment history for the purposes stated above. Original documents, should they come into AMCP’s possession, are replicated for recordkeeping purposes and returned to the client at the first opportunity, but no longer than necessary to complete current relevant services for a client.

Personally identifiable information about you will be maintained during the time you are a client, and for the period that such records are required to be maintained by federal and state securities laws, and consistent with the CFP Board Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. After that time, information will be destroyed or permanently deleted.

We will provide clients with our privacy policy on an annual basis per federal law and at any time, in advance, if our policy is expected to change materially.

We will provide client's with our privacy policy on an annual basis per federal law and at any time, in advance, if our policy is expected to change. You can send a request for a written copy of our latest privacy policy to or send us a message below.

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